Monday, November 19, 2007

Rosie's Speech At Hunter College


easypz said...

Great video...what an inspiring speaker Rosie is!!!

WendyBluEyez said...

Thank you so much for posting this! Every single person in this country needs to see this - NOW!

Peace Out Sister!

Anonymous said...

To all who find their way here...
this golden thread...connect to others young and old ~ e-mail all you know to listen to the words this Mother~Teacher~Artist~Friend~
Stranger...words shared from "our" be viewed in real life.
If not now...then when.
War is not the answer.
Happy New Year
music on "The View from Here"

monica said...

Rosie is the Best!!! She is my HERO
and I would follow her anywhere.
I am a 59 year old woman and I lived through everything Rosie has talked about. She is TRUTH, you go girl, sister, friend.
Luv u,

Nikki said...

Many thanks for posting this video. Have looked everywhere for it. Rosie is a brilliant speaker.
Peace Out Sister Friend!

Donna said...

Thanks for posting Rosie's speech.
She really is an inspiration to all.
Great blog. You go girl!

bratts3 said...

rosie needs to be heard. i only wish ppl could look past the fact that abc was too scared to keep her and pushed her out by using EH as their scapegoat.
she speaks for so many mothers in this country. its amazing and scary at the same time that speeches like this are not heard, but those crappy shows will copy and paste her blog entries and twist them to make her look bad.
so frustrating! keep it up ro...we love you

holly k said...

Rosie speaks the truth. I too watched the Vietnam War on TV. Today's TV I call "Fluff" to and promoting whatever the corporations want us to "consume". Today's youth doesn't see the real "Reality TV"...the war, our men and women being killed and maimed...nor do they seem to care...But they want to purchase whatever is being "pushed" for the profit of greedy corporations. It is a sad day when one cannot find "True" television journalism. Thank you & God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Straight forward, simple language, humor, from the heart. She felt this speech.....we who hear it feel this speech. Let's move forward for our families, friends, county and even the world. We need to stand together now!

SNM said...

I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a transcript to this speech somewhere? I would love to quote some stuff from it. Thanks!

Clouds77 said...

THank You! Thank You! Thank You! for posting Rosies' speech and Thank You X100 Rosie for saying in public what we all say to each other in private . Its truly a shame that so few Women of our generation have the guts that Rosie has to say what we are all thinking -We women are so concerned what our Men will think if we take a stand and say what we really feel instead of quietly following the crowd-we could shake the White House from its foundation if we all banded together to stop the slaughter of OUR children in a pointless war. Thank You Rosie for waking me up and hopefully others as well -we had a shot a dream with Hillary -but it doesn't have to die there - Nuture our daughters -teach them to speak their mind-like Rosie - Tell them to live their dreams even if you didn't get a chance to live yours! THANK YOU ROSIE Thank You

Michelle32 said...

I am writing this letter in hopes of obtaining some legal help.My partner of more than 9 years and I adopted two girls (half sisters) in 2006. They were placed in our home in 2004 as an emergency placement with the foster care system when their birth mother overdosed. The youngest, Berlyn, was only three months old. She was born with a lot of medical issues that slowly showed themselves over time. Long story short, she has been in the hospital most of her life (she is now nearly 6), has never eaten because her intestines didn’t work, has lived on only IV nutrition for three years, has had over 78 surgeries/procedures under anesthesia, two of which were transplants –the first an islet cell transplant (she was the first and youngest to have this type of transplant) and the second a multi-organ transplant (small bowel and pancreas) in November 2008. I could go on for pages on her medical history - it is quite an incredible story. Her sister, who just turned 15, has had a challenging life. The first nine years of her life were spent in a neglectful, physically and emotionally abusive home, not to mention all she has seen her sister suffer through. When my partner and I adopted the girls, the state of CO did not allow same sex couple adoptions. We chose to each adopt one girl so that the siblings would have some security and in the future, if the law ever changed, we would redo the paperwork so that we could both be parents legally for both the girls. We were licensed for foster care through Human Services together, we raised the girls together as equal parents, we changed our last name to the same last name, and our adoption cases were even heard at the same time - as a family. The law did change this last year; however, we were at the transplant center in Omaha, NE, where we spent 8 months during Berlyn’s transplant. Keeping her alive was our only concern. All we could focus on at that time was taking care of this critically sick child and her sister, Liberty (who had just as many needs as Berlyn), rather than worry about some paperwork. We were able to bring our family back to CO this last summer, at which time, my partner and I separated. We had lived in crisis mode for so long (over five years), "normal life" was a new thing for us. This is a common occurrence in families of sick children and transplant kids. On December 9th, I discovered that my partner had left the country with our youngest daughter (Berlyn). No notice, no good-byes, no discussion, no consent.
Before they left, I retained an attorney to file for allocation of parental rights, so that I could also be listed as Berlyn’s legal parent. We also wanted to give the same right to my partner, for our older daughter. When they attempted to serve my partner, she avoided it and left the country a few days later. Serving her in Norway is difficult and she is not willing to come to any kind of an agreement. My attorney has basically told me that I will probably not be able to afford to obtain legal parental rights, due to the difficulties of international filings. In addition, with the current laws, I only have 6 months from my initial filing to have her served or I lose all possibilities of getting allocation of parental rights in the future. It amazes me that the children of gay parents have so little rights, as well as their gay parents. If we were a straight couple and had adopted the girls together, we would both be on the birth certificates and this whole situation would be a different story. What my partner did would be considered kidnapping. I must first establish my legal rights and as Berlyn’s parent before I can pursue any rights under the Hague Convention. I have enclosed some links to Berlyn’s story.

Please, any help you can offer or fwd on to anyone else, would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Wendy Alfredsen

Moyer Music Blog said...

I have always been a loving, accepting person, but in recent years I have become a bit more outspoken on my contempt for the intolerance being taught in the name of religion.

It is that lack of empathy and the hope that it still exists that has become my life’s message.

My only pulpit is my music so I have recently recorded a video of a song I wrote on this subject called
“Eleven”. It begs the question: What will get you past the eleventh hour (to heaven)? Words or actions?

You can see this on YouTube at:

I would love to get your opinion of it.

I greatly appreciate you and your voice of equality!

My best to you!
Tim Moyer