Sunday, November 4, 2007

Child Prodigy....You Decide

Marla Olmstead

There has been much controversy over this tiny tot. She made her first abstract painting while still in diapers and not quite 2 years old. Her big break came when she was 3 and a family friend hung one of her paintings in a coffee shop. By the age of 4 she had her first solo art exhibit. A media feeding frenzy followed, referring to her as a "budding Picasso," a "pint-sized Pollock." In a very short time, this 5 year old has sky rocketed from total obscurity to international acclaim. Her paintings have garnered upwards of $300,000. Some selling for $25,000 each. Yet, the question on everyone's mind is, did she produce the paintings completely on her own or did her father help her? I truly hope she is the real deal. Can you imagine what her artistic talent will be like as she matures? She has already been likened to the great masters of art. A documentary, My Kid Could Paint That
has been released to dispel any doubts. What do you think? Is she talented beyond her years or has she been the victim of parents who want to capitalize on a con game?