Thursday, November 8, 2007

Deal Or No Deal ?

As Rosie posted on her blog

one hour
following keith olbermann

we were close to a deal
almost done
i let it slip in miami
causing panic on the studio end

what can u do

2day there is no deal
my career as a pundit is over
b4 it began

just as well
i figure
everything happens for a reason
bashert - as we say

and on we go

Rumor has it that msnbc wanted Ms. O'Donnell to sign a two year contract. She only wanted a one year contract. It would seem that msnbc would have given her the opportunity to find out if the show was a good fit for her/them.

I can't say that I am happy about this. Even though Rosie is OK with it, her fans are just a tad bit disappointed. She has a huge fan base, many of whom travel great distances for a chance to meet her at a book signing and have their photo taken with her. She spreads yellow to all and Rosie...we send it back to you.

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