Thursday, November 5, 2009

NRG™ Fitness Hoops

Remember playing with a Hula Hoop as a kid? Hula Hoops are all grown up now and can make your exercising fun! Long seen as a way for kids to have fun and stay fit, hula hoops have been transformed by a new generation into a sexy and rebellious form of self-expression. Adults need an adult sized hoop. The hoops found at any kind of 'mart' are designed for kids. Anyone can hoop with the proper size hoop. I've been hooping for several years (after I discovered I could no longer use a kids hoop). It's amazing to me that adult hoops are not available in any stores locally. I enjoy hooping. You don't have to join a gym, it can be done anywhere, it's a good workout and it's fun.
Turbocharge your fitness routine and blast away pounds and inches with one of my Fitness Hoops. You can customize your hoop with your favorite colors or I'll create a beautiful hoop for you. All my hoops are made with top quality materials including gaffers tape for grip. If you would like a Custom Made Hoop, please contact me.

Get In The Hoop! Shipping available.