Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Baby

She is a toy poodle. An old, faithful friend. She was 14 years old in July. I'm not really sure when her real birthday is but we celebrate it on July 4th. She was a rescue pet. My son adopted her when her owner wanted to have her put to sleep because her hind knee caps are inverted and therefore she was not 'show dog' material. How sad to know there are people in the world who would dispose of an animal as if it were yesterdays newspaper and never give it another thought. She is such a sweetheart. Temperamental and spoiled rotten. She gets upset when she smells 'people food' and you don't offer her a taste of whatever it is. Forget about any kind of doggie treats. Her favorite treats are Doritos, a slice of cheese or ice cream. I'm afraid she won't be around very much longer. She used to be solid black. Now she's beginning to show signs of aging. Her coat is turning gray and she's lost many of her teeth. I don't think she can see as well as she once did but her hearing is still very good. She has arthritis in her hind legs and sometimes she hops around on three legs. She used to like to go outside and run. Now, all she does is walk around for a few minutes and then wants to come back inside and lay in her bed. She needs to have her legs massaged daily and I do that for her. I tell myself that if/when something happens to her, I won't have another pet. That's probably not true. I love animals and this pet has been such a joy.

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easypz said...

Gosh, I know how u feel when beloved pets grow older...We have a cat that is 23 years old. We lost her litter mate to cancer at age 20, and we think of him every day. They truly are not just "pets" but a part of the family.