Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rosie O'Donnell to Host Variety Show on NBC

Rosie O'Donnell has been quite mysterious the past couple of months. First, she announced at the end of July, that she would be taking the month of August off from blogging. Her reason was: "to see if I can"....and "to find the balance". Seems she felt she was becoming addicting to blogging and...the computer, in general.

As promised, she returned to her blog on Sept 1, 2008. Although, she DID post several little articles during August...just not any ASK RO comments. Her fans were disappointed but soon realized that even Rosie needs some time to herself and respected her decision.

Her blogging has been sporadic since her return...only updating a couple of times a week. Some of the ASK RO questions asked if the rumors were true about her return to television. She didn't give away any information other than to say..."i heard that rumor." Then, there was this one that I had my suspicions about:

just sayin Writes:

There is nothing good on TV to watch 2nite. U know what we could use? A cool variety show, Carol Burnett style, hosted by some funny comedienne. Wow that would be great!

Rosie's Reply:

i agree
that would be something

Seems to be a rather cryptic message there. As posted on the blog today, Rosie is indeed returning to television next month when she hosts her own variety show, appropriately titled Rosie's Variety Hour.

Rosie's NBC special – airing Nov. 26, the night before Thanksgiving – will consist of celebrity guests, comic turns, musical acts and a prize giveaway for both the show's in-studio and at-home audiences.

Here's the real kick in the ass. It was also stated (on the internet...not her blog!), if the hour-long show catches enough viewers' eyes, it could become a recurring event next year. Are you kidding me? With the numbers she pulled in while on The View....this Variety show will be a huge success. Go Rosie!!

Note: I know Rosie said she would never have a face lift. I apologize, in advance, for giving her one with Photoshop in the photo used for this post.


Bossypants said...

So sorry to hear of all your losses
Wow how awful for you..

Many Many prayers sent your way!


Patty said...

Thank you, Cat.
It was very nice to hear from you.
I seem to be out of touch with myself lately.
Sometimes it's hard to wrap your mind such things.
I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read and comment.