Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The View 10-06-2008

Is it me...or is Elizabeth Hasselbeck as dumb as she comes across?
I don't understand why Barbara Walters keeps her on The View. I supposed it's because The View Master (Bill Geddie) has taken a liking to her from the beginning.

There have been rumors that Elizabeth is leaving The View for Fox News. However, a rep for Hasselbeck stated that there is absolutely no truth to the rumors. Furthermore, it is stated that Hasselbeck is passionate in her beliefs and enjoys being a part of this dynamic group of women and engaging in daily conversations.
Apparently Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie (executive producers of The View) think the arguments Elizabeth stirs up is a good thing and even consider Elizabeth "vital to the program".

Personally, I can't stand to listen to her irritating voice. Not to mention her ridiculous political views. Thank goodness Whoopi has the nerve to stand up to her and not be intimidated by her. I suspect there could be a cat fight between Elizabeth ans Sherry though. Sherry got hot under the collar today. It won't take much more to push her over the edge and let Elizabeth have it. And.........she's certainly got it coming to her!!

Give me a break.

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