Saturday, January 12, 2008

These Shoes Were Made For Walking

Due to inclement weather, I had to do indoor, fast paced walking inside the mall this evening. I lost track of how many laps I completed. It's amazing to see how many people are just sitting around stuffing food in their mouths. I must have passed by the food court at least 8 times before I decided it was best to alter my route. With the aroma of freshly popped corn wafting through the air, the Chinese Express free samples of bourbon chicken and the ever popular Ice Cream of the Future (Dots), it's enough to tempt anyone. I did better than I thought I would considering all the people I had to dodge in order to keep moving at a steady pace. I must have looked like someone on a mission as I weaved in and out of meandering shoppers. Have you noticed how many stores are offering their wares at 'up to 75% off' ? You know they are still making a, why not just have 'Everyday Low Prices'? Perhaps it would be an infringement of the Wal*Mart slogan? Anyway...back on topic...I noticed several older gentlemen sitting outside of Starbucks who would look at me each time I made my round. I'm not sure if they ever realized I was just there for the walk. Looked to me as if they were thinking..."What's this lady doing?...nobody in their right mind would come to the mall to WALK."


San said...

Patty, it could be those old guys are simply giving you the eye. They come to the mall to watch the pretty females.

Their eyes were saying, "Slow down, baby. What's the rush? Could you go for some bourbon chicken?"

Patty said...

Oh San, you could be right! I hadn't thought about it quite that way. If that's the case..perhaps I should walk at the mall more often.

Celebration of Life said...

Hi Patty! I came over from San's link. I think you look like Blanche from "The Golden Girls." Don't worry, that's a compliment!