Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blogging Addiction

Well, there it is. I am officially addicted to blogging.
Who knew? Take the test and see where you stand.
I never intended for it to become an addiction. Isn't
that what all addicts say? It started out as a way to
try to connect with Rosie O'Donnell. How do you tell
someone how much they mean to you in 200 or less
characters? It's impossible.
I've submitted a question a day for like....forever to
her on the Ask Ro section of her blog. She's answered
two, count them, t-w-o... of my questions. It's like
winning the lottery to get a reply from her. I'm sure
she does the best she can, but with over 3,000 entries
(I know because I was number 3,891 one day) where
does one begin? Maybe I'll post an open letter to Rosie
on my blog...with the hope that she will someday 'see me'.
I'll have to give that some thought. So much of what I
would want to say to her is personal.

FOOTNOTE: I don't wanna go to rehab...
I said..No, No, No ~Amy Winehouse


San said...

OK, Patty, I took it. I'm a 60% addict. And I'm with you on this...don't wanna go to rehab...No, No, No.

Patty said...

San, we could be worse. Take some comfort in knowing that some I have seen are in the 80-90% range.