Monday, May 5, 2008

Rosie O'Donnell - Crafty U - The Today Show

I hope all of you tuned in to see Rosie on the Today Show. If you missed it, here is a video clip of the Crafty U part of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patty!

Boy, you sure got around Vegas!
How long were you there?
I love the night shots, and getting the ceiling of Freemont Street is not easy is it?

Did you make the video of her at Hunter college? I'm not clear on the connection. Sorry if I seem dense, but if you didn't make the video, where's the conncetion?
Thank you for pointing me here.

Hope to hear from you again.


Patty said...

Hi Isaac,

I was in Vegas for a week. Yes, I did get around to many of the sights while there.
The Fremont Street light show was really difficult to capture...too crowded to set up the tripod.
I don't know if you watched my Bellagio Fountains video but that was done using a small tripod sitting atop one of the speakers. You were referenced in my answer to one of the comments ;-)

No, I didn't make the video of Rosie's speech. When she announced on her blog that she had been asked to speak there, I waited until there was a video available online....(there always is). I found it on bliptv and got permission to embed it on my blog. I am assuming that people were writing in to Rosie-asking where they could see it. My guess is that she did a search for it, picked the link she liked and then linked to it on her blog. That's the connection. Whatever the case may be,I am grateful.

Thanks for the visit and comment.