Saturday, May 17, 2008

Song for Isaac

Bits and Pieces of my Life


Isaac said...

you beautiful woman
you beautiful soul
thank you

great production
nice sneakers!
Is that your styling shop you were in front of?
Who's the singer?

I will try to lift your heavy heart, even at this distance.


Patty said...

Thank you Isaac.

No, that is a barber shop in an alley way in Venice, Italy.

The song is Only A Woman's Heart.
Lead Vocalist: Eleanor Mcevoy
Back Up: Mary Black

You already do lift my so many ways.


Isaac said...

I'm here but may have to leave suddenly

San said...

Patty, you put that together with much artistry. Loved it!

You are a stunningly beautiful woman and your life is too.

Patty said...

San, thank you for the compliments.
You always have such nice things to say and encourage me...without even knowing it!