Friday, April 25, 2008

Beautiful Inside - Award Day

OK, so this was completely unexpected. San Meridith, of A Life With A View, awarded me this for my creativity with scissors. Although she expressed it much more eloquently by saying that I wield the stylist's scissors, taming bad hair, one head at a time. I am envious of her writing style. She paints with words as beautifully as she does with a brush. San passed the award on to ten women whom she described as friends with the requisite inner/outer beauty and wizards of transformation.

I feel honored to be in such company as the other recipients:

Ellie, of A Creek Runs Through It
Rubye Jean, of Somewhere over the Rainbow
Anna, of A.Bananna
Jo, of Celebration of Life
Lee, of Chrysalis Dreams
Chewy, of The Back of My Headboard
Celine, of Fugue
Ms. Bones, of Bones of the Sky
Shrinky, of Shrink-wrapped Scream
Cath, of Crazy Cath's Reflections

Please take the time to visit these blogs. They are incredibly talented women.
San, thank you for being able to see my inner beauty. Sometimes it takes another person to point out what you don't see in yourself. You, my friend, are among those that I consider fortunate to know through blogging. What a joy it is to read your blog entries. Each one gives another little glimpse into your life....and what an amazing life it is.

As an added little meme, San tagged EVERYONE to:
post a picture of what is on your computer screen. It's called the "I'll Show You Mine if You'll Show Me Yours" meme. I did a screen shot instead of taking a picture of the entire computer. Here's mine.


CrazyCath said...

Patty - thank you so much for linking me in your post. It is very kind of you and you speak very kindly of me too. I love your desktop on your computer. Very striking. I am in the early hours of the morning so I will bookmark you and come back another time. I was just checking my stats before going to bed. I better head that way (it's nearly 4am!)

Patty said...

You're welcome, Cath. Thanks for the visit. I look forward to hearing from you again. Have a good night.

San said...

Patty, that is an artful desktop--dazzling in fact! Yet another glimpse of the lovely Patty's talents.

And I am touched by your more than kind words about me. Thank you for linking to the other blogs.


Patty said...

San, I'm glad you like my desktop. I change it occasionally but this is my favorite!

The kind words are well deserved. I really do stand in awe of you...every time I read one of your blog entries. It's like reading a mini novel...and, so fascinating.

indicaspecies said...

I dropped by from San's and what do I find here? A lovely desktop picture and a beautiful blog of an endearing person. I must say am rewarded not just by San but by you too. Thank you for the link up, and have a great day. :)

Patty said...

Thank you for the visit and the nice comments, Celine. You're welcome...for the link-up! I'm headed over to your blog to leave a comment.