Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Disabled Man Sues Businesses for a Living

The man....Tom Mundy. What he does for a living is a disgrace to humanity and to all disabled people. After watching the video, I was outraged. This is extortion..plain and simple.

Mundy, who lives in California, documents and photographs every time a restaurant or business in the state doesn't have wheelchair-friendly tables, bathrooms or other features required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. His lawyer them files the papers to sue the businesses. Usually, the businesses pay Mundy a settlement of a few thousand dollars to avoid trial.

Okay, so he's in a wheelchair (for whatever reason) and has been for 20 years. He has been 'technically' unemployed for the past two years. He goes around from business to business to LOOK FOR a reason to sue and is reported to be bringing in a comfortable six figure income by legal extortion. There is one example in the video where he says he can't reach the seat covers for the toilet. I have serious doubts as to whether he would actually USE to seat covers to protect his ass from touching the toilet seat.

He tells the people who want to criticize him for what he's doing..."All you have to do is go out with me in my other wheel chair and I can show you how hard it is to get around." Hey Tom...you have two wheel chairs? A spare? Wow! There are people who need a wheel chair but can't afford one.

I can understand giving a business a warning and a chance to correct the situation. I do NOT agree with what this 'advocate for the disabled' is doing. Most people would like to say to him....Keep Your Ass At Home.

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