Saturday, March 15, 2008

Las Vegas - For A Week

Leaving today for a week in Las Vegas. My son's birthday is Monday and he wanted to go on a little adventure. He's never been to Las Vegas so I thought this would be a nice birthday present for him. I have been once - about 25 years ago. I'm sure much has changed over the years.

They say what happens in Las Vegas - stays in Las Vegas. That may be the case with some people but I plan to take lots of photographs and share them with you when we return.

I will be unplugged for a while. Yes, he will take his laptop but, I don't see me spending my time blogging from Vegas. There's so much to see and do while there. See you when I return.


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Sin City...remember "whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" lol! -EZ

San said...

Hope you're having a great time, Patty. We went a few years ago and discovered that Vegas had become much more family-friendly.

There are still plenty of adult opportunities too. ;-)