Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lead Or Get Out Of The Way

In 2002, we took the president's word and voted to go to war on faulty
intelligence. What if we took his word again--and found, next year or
the year after, that we had blindly legalized grave crimes?

If this disastrous war has taught us anything, it is that the Senate
must never again stack such a momentous decision on such a weak
foundation of fact. The decision we're asked to make today is not, of
course, as immense. But between fact and decision, the disproportion
is just as huge.

So I rise in determined opposition to this unprecedented immunity and
all that it represents. I have served in this body for more than a
quarter-century. I have spoken from this desk hundreds and hundreds of
times. I have rarely come to the floor with such anger.

But since I came to Washington, I have seen six presidents sit in the
White House--and I have never seen a contempt for the rule of law equal
to this. Today I have reached a breaking point. Today my disgust has
found its limit.

I don't expect every one of my colleagues to share that disgust, or
that limit. I wish they did--but had that been the case, we would never
have come to this point.

I only ask them to believe me when I say if I did not speak today, my
conscience would not let me rest.

.....Chris Dodd: Ready to filibuster the FISA renewal containing
retroactive immunity for the Telecommunication Companies that let the
government listen in to our conversations without warrants.

Bill tabled. Congratulations!

FOOTNOTE: And the FCC goes on its merry way.


Anonymous said...


I have been following that Dodd was going going to filibuster the FISA retroactive immunity of the Telecomunication Companies for a few days. This is an excellent post! I'll call you later this morning. I have started my blog but need some help!!!


Anonymous said...


I am really proud of you. You have done a beautiful job on your entire blog.